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Here at Bespoke Art Services Ltd, the conservation and protection of your artwork is of upmost importance. There are many elements that can effect and damage your art ranging from sunlight, humidity, temperature change and handling. When constructing your frame and installing your artwork we only use acid free materials and seal the artwork to keep out insects and moisture to the best of our ability. Our tapes and glues are of conservation and museum standard and the art is handled with 100% cotton gloves. 

We ONLY use acid free mount boards and where needed 100% Cotton Rag boards. We stock the full range of Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare boards that boast 'micro-chamber' technology which de-ionises the air inside your frame and is the only mount board on the market that has been tested and authenticated by the Library of Congress. Read here for more details.

Although standard glass has some UV filtration we always recommend you glaze your artworks with a dedicated UV filtering product.

We can provide your frame with 99% UV Filter Reflective Glass right through to Museum standard Anti-Reflective Water White glass and even Museum standard, Anti-Scratch and Anti-Reflective Acrylic (Perspex). Read here for more details.

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